Shopify or Magento: The Beginner’s Guide

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Shopify or Magento: The Beginner’s Guide

So, do you want to step up and start your own online business? Are you a beginner and have little idea of how to set up your own website?

Shopify has your back!

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce website providers.  And if you are a beginner you will be glad to know that it’s one of the easies to use as well. Shopify’s objective is to make it as simple for their customers. This is the reason that you should prefer Shopify over Magento if you are new in this domain.

But what are the things that make Shopify better than Magento for beginners.

Themes and Set up

Shopify has a good range of themes that you can choose from. Their store provides free as well as some premium themes. The premium themes are more professional looking, and therefore Shopify charges for them. Moreover, it is really easy for you to set them up. Shopify guides you step by step and you can get your online store within a matter of minutes. So you don’t have to hire a professional to set up your store.

Magento also provides its customers with a collection of themes but their free themes are limited. The downside of Magento in this area is that it is also difficult to set up, especially if you are not technically aware.


If you are using Shopify you don’t need to worry about hosting. Hosting is included in Shopify payment plans. You don’t need to hire an external host and pay for it separately. It will also take care of the software updates and also automatically back up your data. Shopify will make it easier for you.

However, Magento is a self-hosted platform. You will have to pay for the hosting services separately.

Customer Support

The Shopify Customer Support is the best. Shopify has a 24 hours support staff. The help you require is available over live chats with customer representatives. You can also email them or give them a call on their helpline. Shopify also has a blog which is full of all the information and advice you need.

Magento’s lacks in customer support. They do not have customer’s service representative from whom you can get help. You have to rely on Support forums and search for your own self.

So What’s Best for Beginners?

Of course, Shopify!

It is the easiest ecommerce platform for beginners. You can set up and run your own small online business within no time. And even if you get stuck somewhere, Shopify has its Customer Support System ready to help you out.

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