Reasons Why Shopify Plus is Superior to Magento Enterprise?

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Reasons Why Shopify Plus is Superior to Magento Enterprise?

It’s been seen that more brands are making the switch from Magento (both community and Enterprise) to Shopify plus. Still, rate of migration to Shopify plus is stumbling as many brands hesitate about changing ecommerce platforms. Many retailers get nervous to look at Shopify Plus Vs Magento Enterprise (Reviews).

Let’s face it. To make a move from any ecommerce shopping cart is a huge step for any retailer. Any random online information or comparison is only going to enhance their anxiety. This is why we have compiled a quality comparison between two platforms – Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise.

Here are some quality points to consider when you compare Shopify VS Magneto.


Undoubtedly, Magento is an open source ecommerce leader, and suits more to developers. Magento also shines when it comes to tremendous flexibility. However, SaaS is a demand of today’s world. It is simpler and manageable by retailers. Magento lacks this technology. On the contrary, Shopify plus offers innovative technology. This, in turn, helps retailers to navigate ecommerce store in a better way. Hence, Shopify gets all attention by providing a delightful experience to its customers.


Successful retailers want to establish a secure and safe relationship with their customers. For this, they want the same from their e-commerce platform. Shopify plus ensures a secure environment by offering PCI compliance. Conversely, Magento grants their merchants to deploy PCI compliant e-stores. But, you as retailer will be held responsible to ensure that your site is safe and secure.

Moreover, Magento, being an open source solution, is more prone to security breaches. Even, malware attacks are quite a regular concern to the software. Whereas, Shopify plus ensures monitoring of their sites and maintain an absolutely secure online shopping experience.


Magento releases multiple security patches and updates each year. Each time with a new update, client must recognize how it would impact the current code base. Any latest release is a new challenge to vendor.  Also, these updates take a bit longer time; some even take days or weeks. On the other hand, Shopify plus eradicates the need for patches, upgrades, and releases. Although, Shopify admin do launch new features as soon as they become available.


As a retailer, you cannot waste your time over maintenance and security issues. Allocate your resources to somewhere that benefits your enterprise. Choose Shopify plus over Magento to blossom your ecommerce business.

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