Magento Vs. Shopify- A Comparison of Key Features

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Magento Vs. Shopify- A Comparison of Key Features

At some point, all ecommerce businesses get in the process of selecting an e-commerce platform to start their venture. Yet many retailers also look at Shopify Plus Vs Magento Enterprise (Reviews) while switching or upgrading to right platform. Since both platforms are mighty industry leaders, choice can often be complicated and tricky.

However, when you compare Shopify VS Magento, you will find many differences. Yet one thing is similar between the two, both platforms are designed with one primary goal – to optimize the ecommerce performance.

In this article, we will evaluate pros and cons of each platform to take a better option.

Brand Presence

Both these ecommerce solutions have a remarkable market presence and a reliable following. Recently, it is reported that there are 155,818 active websites that are powered by Magento. And, Shopify empowers near to 249,384 websites in ecommerce domain. However, Alexa ratings feature Magento 2 to hold the top share among all sites. In Alexa top 1M, Magento 2 has 15,583 sites in contrast to Shopify’s 8,660. Clearly this data shows that brands that expect long-term scalability and business growth should prefer Magento 2 over Shopify. Worldwide brands like Paul Smith, Hermes, Agent Provocateur, and Nike are few names that are linked with Magento. These stores are believed to produce revenue up to $1 Billion.

Theme and Design

Both Shopify and Magento Enterprise offer great all-screen size responsive themes. However, Shopify is a proprietary platform where one will not be able to tweak as per their business needs. In the contrary, Magento 2 has gone beyond in terms of themes.

Hosting and Performance

As a vendor, you will find a great gap between the two platforms while addressing this issue. Compared to Shopify’s fully hosted solution, Magento comes with 2 options – self-hosting and cloud. Many retailers applaud this idea of choosing hosting provider on their own as per size of their business budget. This gives them the freedom to always opt for budget friendly hosting plans. Moreover, a cloud Magento solution ensures your site to be sustained, completely hosted and maintained.

Marketing and SEO

It is easy for Shopify users to optimize their stores for SEO. However, Magento surpasses Shopify on the SEO index. Due to self-hosting feature of Shopify, SEO implementation and any change in URL structure becomes a hard task to do.


Magento is the most preferred ecommerce portal. It is meant to provide flexibility and designed specifically for businesses who want to grow.

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