While both ecommerce solutions Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise seem similar, they are quite different! Read and discover why we all like Shopify Plus more than Magento Enterprise!
If you are somehow involved in the ecommerce business world, we assume you’ve heard about Shopify Plus. This is a cloud-based and a fully-hosted solution and one of the most popular choice for retailers who don’t want to deal with technical details and maintenance. Magento is another popular ecommerce solutions and even though it has some strong points and powerful features, Shopify Plus is easier to use, faster, and provides a level of security that Magento doesn’t. If you consider the costs of training, IT management, and the web developers you need to hire to integrate the POS system, Magento ends up being less economical and a platform that slows down operations. So, yes, Magento is powerful and scalable, however, it also requires a significant amount of attention and time to ensure effective performance. It also takes away the time your business needs to focus on – selling online and making money.
The SaaS solutions or Software as a Service is changing the way people use technology and shop online. Shopify Plus is just another great example of that evolution. There are so many companies that have their own troubles and frustrations with the complexity of Magento and they have second thoughts when it comes to making the transition from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus. Yes, it is a big change, we completely understand you, but we can assure you that is definitely worth the effort
One of the most crucial things you need to understand is that Shopify Plus offers security that Magento Enterprise simply can’t compare with. If you are a website owner you know that the beauty and functionality of the website don’t protect it from cybercriminals. Shopify Plus guarantees security with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance while Magento leaves you to take care of the security of your site.
Shopify integrates with all IT platforms, takes care of compliance assessments, management, and has fast servers that guarantee 99.99% uptime. As the ecommerce industry continues to change, the online shopping experience has become more complex but with Shopify, you can focus on paying attention to the most important capabilities and trends.
We love Shopify Plus because it comes with a monthly payment and not with a negotiated pricing structure. This is a good thing as you can calculate your monthly costs and organize your budget. Shopify is also suitable for small businesses, startups, and freelancers, offering the option to scale to enterprise-level plans.
From a marketing perspective, Shopify is simpler, more user-friendly, and built intuitively when compared to Magento. Magento demands more technology-based skills and knowledge. There are lots of easy-to-use extensions and applications for targeting email campaigns, and much more. The flash sales are quite popular as marketers have found that creating a sense of urgency, sells better. Shopify as a platform can handle thousands of checkouts without a single problem and without a concern.
In terms of SEO, Shopify is also better. Both platforms offer great features that support SEO, however, if you migrate to Shopify Plus you will discover that you can use the Traffic Control App which helps in redirecting traffic without losing the SEO ranking.
There are so many reasons why we all love Shopify Plus and we mentioned the most important ones. If you are still having seconds thoughts about migrating from Magento to Shopify, make a list of pros and cons and you will discover that Shopify is indeed the better choice for your business.

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